NEW RELEASE | 11/17/2023

Nobody Like Jesus

The LeFevre Quartet

The highly anticipated new release from Southern Gospel super-group The LeFevre Quartet.

  1. Nobody Like Jesus
  2. Cast My Burdens
  3. Looks Like A Miracle To Me
  4. Glory Bound
  5. The Things We Cannot Change
  6. Man In The Middle
  7. Never Walk Alone
  8. Because Of Who He Is
  9. There Is A Name

Featured Artists

The Sound

The Sound is a Dove Award winning band comprised of Levi, Jacob, and Rob Mills. Their distinct, country-pop inspired music has captured the attention and affection of fans around the world.

Since 2019, their short career has been marked by four consecutive chart-topping songs and five Dove Award nominations. Their latest album, God Is Real, is a trailblazing record that incorporates elements of Nashville country-pop and worship. It was released in 2022 and won a Dove Award for Country Album of the Year.


What began as small gigs at county fairs and country churches has quickly become much more for HighRoad. It’s not just about the songwriting or the recording, the secret to the group’s real-life harmony may well be found in their sisterhood. “A lot of people ask if we’re a family group,” Sarah says. “No, but honestly, when you’re traveling that much with somebody, they become like family, so I would claim all of them as family.” HighRoad also considers their loyal fans—a rapidly growing base stretching clear across the country these days—as extended family. They hope listeners really walk away and say, “I feel like I know these girls, and I can relate to these songs”.


Celebrate Christmas with the Ark Encounter’s resident artists! TrueSong is known for their uplifting vocals and smooth harmonies—and now you can enjoy their God-honoring talent in this new Christmas album! Features the vocal talent of Jay Arview, Dusty Barrett, Michael Howard, and Jarrett Grubbs.

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