NEW RELEASE | 5/31/2024

Straight From The Heart

High Road

The highly anticipated new release from High Road.

  1. When I Lift Up My Head
  2. That’s What Love Is
  3. There’s A River
  4. Through You
  5. Keep Your Lamps
  6. Sing A Hallelujah
  7. There Is A Rock
  8. Only in the Cross
  9. What if That’s What Heaven’s Like
  10. Working On a Building

Featured Artists

The LeFevre Quartet

The LeFevre Quartet stands as more than just a musical ensemble; they are ambassadors of faith, using their artistry as a vessel to convey a powerful and enduring message that resonates with the soul. At the heart of their mission is a sincere desire to reach the masses with the message of hope, grace, and salvation through Jesus Christ.

The Sound

The Sound is a Dove Award winning band comprised of Levi, Jacob, and Rob Mills. Their distinct, country-pop inspired music has captured the attention and affection of fans around the world.

Their latest album, God Is Real, is a trailblazing record that incorporates elements of Nashville country-pop and worship.


Celebrate Christmas with the Ark Encounter’s resident artists! TrueSong is known for their uplifting vocals and smooth harmonies—and now you can enjoy their God-honoring talent in this new Christmas album! Features the vocal talent of Jay Arview, Dusty Barrett, Michael Howard, and Jarrett Grubbs.

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